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Louis Febre

Emmy Award Winning Composer, Louis Febre is based in Los Angeles and scores for Television and Film. 

The Music

Since 1996, Louis Febre has been composing underscore for both the big and small screens, independent films and animation.


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The Composer

Born in Mexico, Louis Febre lives and works in Los Angeles, socring for television and film.


Inquiries and Information

Awards & Credits

Louis Febre has won an Emmy Award, a Pixie Award and an Annie Nomination, and has extensive television and film credits. 


About Louis Febre

Louis Febre is a composer working in Los Angeles. A trained pianist, his composition career began in independent films and television commercials.

His early days in the music industry found him collaborating on the television series The Cape, which earned him an Emmy for Best Dramatic Underscore. Venturing out on his own, he created music for several high-profile television shows including The Fugitive (CBS), Smallville (CW), and Charlie’s Angels (ABC), and the big-screen thriller Swimfan.

Febre also won a Pixie Award for the independent short film: Revenge of the Red Balloon, and earned an Annie Award nomination for his score for Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders.

Working with other notable composers led him to collaborate on projects such as X-Files, Desperate Housewives, Cats & Dogs, Jimmy Neutron, Chicken Little, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, and many others.

Independent film scoring is a passion for Febre, and although he is kept busy with his television schedule, he always finds time to take on these heartfelt projects.

Louis Febre can be heard on all screens, big and small, and in venues around the world. In recent years, this Mexican-born composer has devoted much of his energy to rediscovering his latin roots and traveling through his homeland.



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